Automatic solutions in Salmon aquaculture: From automatic feeding to the autonomous feeding system

Author: Caijun Zhao Recent advances in automated inspection, artificial intelligence, and robotics are transforming the aquaculture production industry. The fish industry has been labor-intensive. While the largest aquaculture sites are usually located in remote or scarcely populated areas. Besides, repetitive and difficult work is another reason recruiting people becomes difficult (Einarsdottir et al., 2022). Additionally,Continue reading “Automatic solutions in Salmon aquaculture: From automatic feeding to the autonomous feeding system”

Master Thesis on “user perspectives on social chatbots” completed

Nienke Bruijning has completed their Master’s Thesis in Science and Technology Studies (STS) with the title «“Replika and me”: A user study of a social chatbot» at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture for the academic spring semester 2022.   Focus for thesis (abstract) This master’s thesis within scienceContinue reading Master Thesis on “user perspectives on social chatbots” completed

AUTOWORK NTNU General Assembly – 24th of March 2022

On the 24th of March, 2022, AUTOWORK Project held its first NTNU General Assembly here in Trondheim at Habitat, a cozy meeting place for work gatherings and thoughts sharing. Project Principal Investigator Håkon Fyhn, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, led the meeting, coordinated by Roger Andre Søraa, Researcher at the Department ofContinue reading “AUTOWORK NTNU General Assembly – 24th of March 2022”

Call for Sales and Services workers in Australia

MUHREC Project ID: 29432 Project title: AUTOWORK AUTOWORK: Workers in transition through automation, digitalisation and robotisation of work Sales and Services The AUTOWORK project investigates how digital and automated technologies impact on workers, their work practices and the meaning they give to work. Automation refers to the use of robots and other technologies to minimiseContinue reading “Call for Sales and Services workers in Australia”

AutoVisit to AnTec 2021

November 4th and 5th Håkon and Jens visited Aarhus and the Anthropology of Technology (AntTec) conference. Here we gave two presentations, one on the relation between technologic and presence, and one on a certain tendency observed among skilled workers in technological workplaces: “Paper-free building sites” has been introduced to achieve efficiency, where builders work straightContinue reading “AutoVisit to AnTec 2021”

Workshop | Exploring caring imaginaries: Futures of roboticized healthcare

The world’s population is ageing – and robots are increasingly portrayed in care roles in fiction. What will the roboticized future of health care look like? In this online workshop, we will explore how medical and care robots are imagined in fiction, and reflect on the opportunities, inspiration, fear and trouble it can imply forContinue reading “Workshop | Exploring caring imaginaries: Futures of roboticized healthcare”

Onto-Epistemological Boundaries of Craftspeople and their Tools

Last weekend, Dr. Roger Andre Søraa (NTNU) presented a paper on the “Onto-Epistemological Boundaries of Craftspeople and their Tools” at Human-Machine Partnerships in the Future of Work Exploring the Role of Emerging Technologies in Future Workplaces, a virtually held workshop CSCW2021 on the 23rd of October, 2021. Below is a summary of the talk: TogetherContinue reading “Onto-Epistemological Boundaries of Craftspeople and their Tools”

Digitalization book published!

AUTOWORK researcher Dr. Roger A. Søraa has just published a new book on Digitalization, together with colleague Dr. Kristine Ask at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The book features a chapter on the automation of work, and is a good introduction to understand how work isContinue reading “Digitalization book published!”

Kick-off for the AUTOWORK project (during a pandemic)

In kicking-off the AUTOWORK project, we have great expectations for what the project will bring to research on the automation, digitalization and robotization of work. Although we had planned for a physical meeting in Trondheim, Norway, global realities of course made that impossible. Shifting to a digital solution was interesting in itself given the topicContinue reading “Kick-off for the AUTOWORK project (during a pandemic)”