Student researchers

Student researchers

Are you a student interested in studying the contemporary and future challenges of work and connect your thesis to an ongoing and dynamic larger research project?

The AUTOWORK team is excited to include students in our research and can offer supervision to Master’s students writing a thesis within our research focus. Potential topics are outlined below.

Please contact us if one of these topics interests you, or we can discuss other interests related to the automation of work.

Master’s student research and thesis ideas

School robots and telecare: How are school robots used by a wide network of users (kids, teachers, care workers, classmates), and how does it facilitate learning from a distance while also facilitating care through tele-operation in the classroom?

Care at a distance: How are remote call and media platforms used to facilitate interaction across physical distances? What do the different users of the technology think of it, how can it be improved, and what is lost in the digital-only contact?

PARO the robot seal: How is Paro the robot seal currently being used in nursing homes, several years after it was first introduced? Is it on a shelf in a closet, out of use, or is it actively used and, if so, how? What does it mean to engage in care work with a robot pet?

The digital nurse: How are nurses working in and through digital systems as healthcare professionals, does digitalisation shape the profession in new ways, and what challenges does this imply?

COVID-19 technology: How are health technologies being developed under and in the aftermath of COVID-19? How can we better plan for future pandemics or disasters through an agile healthcare sector?

Exoskeletons: How is rehabilitation through exoskeletons changing the way rehabilitation e.g. to walk and gain autonomy is done?

Core digital infrastructure on the countryside:  What core digital infrastructure challenges do people face in rural places, e.g. by distance, lack of capital and resources, or manpower?

VR for granny? How is virtual reality used in elderly care, what environments do older adults want themselves, and are they included in the development of care technology?

Cleaning robots as a care medium: How are cleaning robots impacting the health sector? Are they eliminating opportunities for caregivers to socialise with older adults living at home that cleaning tasks facilitated? Or do they add time to sit down and have a coffee?

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