The AUTOWORK Research Team

The AUTOWORK Research Team

The AUTOWORK project is an interdisciplinary and international research project between NTNU Social Research, four departments at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology led by the Department of Social Anthropology and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.



Håkon Fyhn

Project coordinator and Building research coordinator

Håkon is an Associate Professor in social anthropology at NTNU. His wide-ranging research interests including robotization and digitization, control rooms and presence, and collaborative processes and dialogue in working life. Håkon is the project coordinator of AUTOWORK and coordinates the building sector research.

Aneta Podkalicka

Sale and Service research coordinator

Aneta is a Senior Lecturer in Communications and Media Studies, in the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University. Her interdisciplinary research has engaged media and everyday life, social inclusion, consumption, and environmental sustainability and has worked widely with commercial, academic, and non-profit partners. Aneta coordinates the sale and service sector research.

Gunhild Tøndel

Healthcare researcher

Gunhild is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU. Her research interests include medical sociology and welfare policy, and technology and digitalization in the healthcare sector. Gunhild is a member of the healthcare research team of AUTOWORK.

Sarah Pink

Cross-cutting research coordinator

Sarah is a Professor in the Departments of Human Centred Computing and Design at Monash University. She is also the Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, which undertakes critical interdisciplinary and international research into the social, cultural and experiential dimensions of the design, use and futures of new and emerging technologies. Her research focuses on emerging intelligent technologies, automation, data, digital futures, safety and design for wellbeing. Sarah is coordinating cross-cutting research across all AUTOWORK sectors.

Artur Serrano

Healthcare research coordinator

Artur is a Professor in the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science at NTNU. He is also Director of the Immersive Technology and Social Robotics (IMRO) Lab, a multidisciplinary meeting hub for researchers and industry across healthcare, IT and social sciences. His research is centered on the design and implementation of robotic and AI technologies in healthcare, especially in care for older adults. In addition to their clinical efficacy, he studies the effects these technologies have on users, informal caregivers, and workers. Artur is coordinating the healthcare research in AUTOWORK.

Mark Andrejevic

Sale and Service researcher

Mark is a Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Monash University. His research interests encompass digital media, surveillance and data mining in the digital era.  He is particularly interested in social forms of sorting and automated decision making associated with the online economy. Mark is a member of the sale and service sector research team in AUTOWORK.

Roger Andre Søraa

Postdoctoral fellow and Communication and dissemination coordinator

Roger is a researcher at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at NTNU and Associate Director of the IMRO Lab. He is a postdoctoral fellow on the AUTOWORK project. His research interests include the robotization of gerontechnologies, transport and agriculture; the automation of work and practices; and the digitalization of society and social media. He is involved in research across all three AUTOWORK sectors and coordinates communication and dissemination efforts.

Debora Lanzeni

Healthcare researcher

Debora is a Research Fellow at the Department of Human Centred Computing at Monash University currently based in Barcelona. Her research interests include novel technologies in the healthcare industry and anthropological research with healthcare workers. Debora is a member of the healthcare research team of AUTOWORK.

Kristoffer Nergård

PhD Fellow

Kristoffer is a PhD Fellow at NTNU Social Research in the Apertura Studio. His is a social scientist who also has interests in carpentry and improv theater. He is completing his PhD research as part of the building sector research team in AUTOWORK, with a special interest in data collection at building sites.

Bianca Valentine

Communications coordinator

Bianca is a digital communications specialist at Monash and is coordinating communication efforts for the Australian research team.

Eric Monteiro

State of the art researcher

Eric is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at NTNU. His primary field of interest is the digitalization of organizations including challenges of integration, change and standardization. He is particularly interested in the interplay between “technical” and non-technical design decisions especially in large-scale (“infrastructural”) projects. Eric is a member of the state of the art research team in AUTOWORK.

Mark Kharas

Project Administrator

Mark is a Staff Engineer at the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science at NTNU. He provides administrative support to the AUTOWORK project in addition to several other research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council and European Union. He also provides guidance in submitting research funding applications to the EU. His has a background in South Asian studies, and his current interests are at the intersections of robotics, ethics and spirituality.

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