The AUTOWORK Research Team

The AUTOWORK project is an interdisciplinary and international research project between NTNU Social Research, four departments at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology led by the Department of Social Anthropology and Monash University in Australia.



Dr. Håkon Fyhn

Project Coordinator

anthropology; craft; meaning of work; deskilling; control rooms

Dr. Aneta Podkalicka

Sale and Service research coordinator

media studies; consumption; sustainability

Assoc. Prof. Gunhild Tøndel

Associate Professor

sociology; qualitative methodology; social technologies; welfare policy; health and care services; the sociology of numbers

Prof. Sarah Pink

Cross-cutting research coordinator

design anthropology; emerging technologies; innovative ethnography; visual ethnography; automated decision making; future mobilities; future health; future energy; future of work

Prof. Artur Serrano

Healthcare research coordinator

Prof. Mark Andrejevic


big data; data mining; technology; social justice; personal information; privacy; information management; information retrieval; surveillance; digital media; drone technologies; data processing; popular culture; interactive media

Dr. Roger Andre Søraa


STS; healthcare; craft; sale & service; data bias; gendered work

Dr. Debora Lanzeni


Kristoffer Nergård

PhD Candidate

Bianca Valentine

Communications coordinator

Prof. Eric Monteiro


Mark Kharas

Project Administrator

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