Technology and automation are transforming the future of work

AUTOWORK seeks to understand how these changes affect society and the workers of today and tomorrow

We are now at a point in time when digital technologies are changing societies and work-life. Increasingly advanced, complex, and intelligent machines prove capable of performing work previously mastered by humans alone. The effects and implications of this for both individual workers and society are not yet known. AUTOWORK, an exciting collaboration between NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Monash University in Australia, will explore this transformation across three sectors poised to be particularly impacted by automation: Building, Sale and Service, and Healthcare.

Building sector

Who is building the future, and with what materials?

Sale and Service sector

What do we buy, and where? Which services are being replaced by robots?

Healthcare sector

Who will take care of us in the healthcare systems of the future?


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Australian volunteers needed

AUTOWORK is currently looking for sales and services workers in Australia to help the research by participating in interviews.