Call for Sales and Services workers in Australia

MUHREC Project ID: 29432 Project title: AUTOWORK AUTOWORK: Workers in transition through automation, digitalisation and robotisation of work Sales and Services The AUTOWORK project investigates how digital and automated technologies impact on workers, their work practices and the meaning they give to work. Automation refers to the use of robots and other technologies to minimiseContinue reading “Call for Sales and Services workers in Australia”

Digitalization book published!

AUTOWORK researcher Dr. Roger A. Søraa has just published a new book on Digitalization, together with colleague Dr. Kristine Ask at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The book features a chapter on the automation of work, and is a good introduction to understand how work isContinue reading “Digitalization book published!”

Kick-off for the AUTOWORK project (during a pandemic)

In kicking-off the AUTOWORK project, we have great expectations for what the project will bring to research on the automation, digitalization and robotization of work. Although we had planned for a physical meeting in Trondheim, Norway, global realities of course made that impossible. Shifting to a digital solution was interesting in itself given the topicContinue reading “Kick-off for the AUTOWORK project (during a pandemic)”